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Risk Management Status Dashboard

     Sports Engine SE

  1.  Login to Sports Engine:
  2.  Upper Right - My Organizations Drop Down: Choose Irondequoit Soccer Club
  3. Link at Bottom Left - Click on: Go to Team Page

The RM Status dashboard provides you with a real time view of the applicants' statuses. You will be able to see proactively if your applicants uploaded photos with pass or fail criteria. Under APS Training (abuse prevention training) you will either see PASSED or a blank slot. If it's blank then they haven't completed it. For the background investigation you will see one of three conditions:

PASSED - self explanatory

PENDING - currently processing, nothing else is required.

PENDING VERIFICATION - This status notifies you that NCSI has attempted to contact your applicant for additional information/interview.  Many applicants mistake this contact as a sales call. NCSI tries to leave return call information where allowed. You can also provide your applicant with NCSI phone number: 866-996-7412

NOTE: Applicants MUST complete APS training and receive a PASSED background status, plus upload an appropriate photo before their RM status will be updated in Rosterpro.

MINOR STAFF UNDER 18 YOA WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE DASHBOARD FOR PRIVACY REASONS. Status inquiries for Minor Staff can be made directly to NYSWYSA.

For Clubs that utilize Pre-Purchased RM codes, the RM Status dashboard is the process that you use to confirm your applicants have used the code you have provided them.

 If an applicant does NOT appear in your RM Status dashboard it is usually for one of the following three reasons:

1.) They have NOT applied for their background check contrary to what they told you.

2.) They have already applied and selected a different primary club.

3.) They applied and selected the wrong club in their application.

Lastly, the RM Status dashboard allows you to filter by column, IE: you can sort by name, application date, etc.

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